Nordic Storm Solitaire

Nordic Storm Solitaire Play Nordic Storm Solitaire online for free. This card game represents a centuries-old Nordic story. You can help Elof reach the land that was the God Feyr promised to him and his people. But be very careful! Jotun Idyl thinks this is his land and he isn`t going to let somebody live there. Remember! He is a rival of ancient Gods. You will have to pass the levels one after another. This will be a real adventure for the player!

If Nordic Storm Solitaire will seem to be easy for you at first, don`t let your guard down. This impression is a false one. Explore different locations using your point and click skills until you succeed and reach your goal. Don`t forget that you have to solve Nordic Storm Solitaire and bring Elof`s people home!

Download Nordic Storm Solitaire

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Size: 73 Mb




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