The Chronicles of Emerland

The Chronicles of Emerland Now you are going to have a very exciting journey, a real adventure, and you have a difficult task. You have to save the entire world from a wicked wizard!

Imagine that you have been studying card magic at a magician school for many years, and now you have to use your powerful magic skills to defeat the dark forces and defend Emerland, as well as to protect its citizens from the evil that is looking forward to destroy the area! Just bring the races of Humans, Elves, Mermaids, and Dwarves together and defend this land playing this fantastic solitaire!

Don`t forget that Sat is the most powerful evil wizard in the whole universe, and he has decided to conquer the world! He has destroyed your magician school, and now you are the only sorcerer who will stand against this evil wizard and who can defeat him with your powerful card magic! You have to be brave!

Play different solitaire games and find hidden objects. Don`t be afraid and everything will be fine! Go ahead! The other races of Emerland will help you to perform your mission.

Remember! You have to find Sat and defeat him before it is too late and he conquers Emerland and its citizens! So, start your journey right now!

Download The Chronicles of Emerland

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Size: 158 Mb




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