solitaire card games Solitaire is a card game, but it is designed only for one person. Solitaire is a great opportunity to spend time playing a pleasant and exciting game, for which you do not need a partner. Today, millions of office workers entertain themselves, playing famous Spider Solitaire or Klondike Solitaire. However, there are many other types of solitaire. They differ in the number of cards, rules and layout methods. Therefore, each person can choose from dozens of varieties of solitaire one that he or she will like. Here you can download best solitaire games for Windows on the computer for free, such as Spider Solitaire, Jewel Quest, Klondike or Freecell.

About Solitaire

On our website, you will find a selection of the most interesting versions of Solitaire for both PC and smartphone on Android. The Chronicles of Emerland, Avalon Legends Solitaire, Fairway Solitaire, Jewel Quest Solitaire and others are among them.

And you will be able to play the most popular solitaire variations, such as Spider (one or two suits), Pyramid, Freecell online! Solitaire is a fascinating game that both children and adults will like. Download any of the solitaire games for Windows on the computer for free and enjoy the game! Good luck!

Solitaire heals our minds, they help us get rid of the pesky thoughts and teach us to be patient and calm. Take a break from the exhausting mental work, let yourself have a rest - play solitaire or Mahjong. If you do not know how to play solitaire, learn the rules.

Unique card game

Solitaire is a unique card game, designed for one person. Allegedly, it appeared in the Scandinavian or German states many centuries ago. Today, solitaire is perfectly known. It has hundreds of versions and thousands of game rules. However, it preserves its essence for a long time: it is important to lay out the cards in a special way. Solitaire is not just an exciting, but also a useful game. In order to prove it, there is no need in special facts. Everyone, who has ever laid out the cards playing one of the versions of the game, is well aware of its benefits. Solitaire online can develop the logical thinking. After all, all the actions that must take place in the game are based on it.

Additionally, this game is able to develop memory. Many people say that the layout rules, as well as the cards, involved in the game, are instantly remembered thanks to visual perception. You can also train your intellectual skills. Some of the variants of solitaire games offer their players the counter. It counts play money or points. Sometimes counters offer countdown. All this contributes to the fact that each player not only aims to set up a record, but can also gradually improve his or her skills.

Solitaire games may represent not only the usual layout of ordinary playing cards. For example, the famous Mahjong is the same solitaire game. However, this game involves slightly different elements. These are cards or plates of a special form with images and symbols. Today, we see solitaire games almost everywhere. If 20 years ago, they were mostly in the form of real cards, today they have turned into a unique electronic game. It is more exciting than its previous counterpart, and it can accompany you almost anywhere: on a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

The electronic version of the game is accompanied by beautiful animation, calming and priming the game music, effects and tips. All this makes the card fun, designed even for one person, a great way to spend time. On our website, you can find a wide range of original and exciting solitaire games. They have excellent graphics and interesting layout rules. You can play both usual classic games, such as Spider Solitaire, Pyramid, Carpet, Solitaire, Freecell, and new, less common solitaire games.

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