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Solitaire Chess

Solitaire ChessA set of chess problems. A beginner with this puzzle will be able to better learn the basics of chess strategy, and more advanced chess players - to train their combat skills. All pieces move according to the classic chess rules. Each move must be eaten by one of the figures on the field. The puzzle is solved if only one piece remains.

Chess for one (Solitaire Chess) - another piece of ingenious tasks from the company ThinkFun (Smart entertainment). Also you can play chess online against computer for free.

The name of the puzzle quite clearly describes its basic principle. Indeed, the game has a field of 4x4 and 10 different chess pieces. The king, Queen, horses, elephants, rooks and pawns make moves according to the classic chess rules. Making a move, the player must "eat", that is, to remove from the field, the figure. The figure was left alone, the party won.

The tasks offered in the puzzle, according to the degree of difficulty, are divided into four levels, each of which in turn consists of fifteen variants of the initial arrangement of the figures, and, within each level, the complexity of the task gradually increases.

Puzzle will impress any avid chess players, or those who only timidly dreams of mastering this game. Chess for one (Solitaire Chess) is a set of chess problems, solving which, a beginner can better learn the basics of chess strategy, and more advanced chess players to train their combat skills. I especially want to note in this regard, the book of rules-tips included in the kit. Here, first, you can get acquainted with the basic rules of movement of chess pieces, and secondly, to learn a few very practical tips that help to get used to the novice player. In addition, the tips are given in stages, that is, you can first find out which figure to move first, and try to determine the direction of the course. If the investigation is at an impasse, you can use the second hint, indicating the figure that should be "eaten" first and finally, the third hint will tell you what figure remains on the last. And if at all - absolutely nothing happens, you can look at the step by step solution, which is available for each of the sixty problems.

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