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Three Peaks

Three PeaksThree Peaks Solitaire is an unpretentious computer game with an unusual design. It will certainly please all lovers of challenges that have an ingenious solution.

There is a deck of 23 cards on the playing field. They are placed in a chaotic manner. There are three card pyramids at the top, and then there is a row of 10 cards of different suits. There are 23 reserve cards at the top; their number is reduced during the game.

How to play?

There are 10 cards in the middle row, the number of which the player has to reduce by covering the upper or lower card in the lower right corner. For example, if there is the eight of spades in the lower right corner, it is possible to cover it with the nine of hearts or the seven of diamonds. As we can see, in this case, the suit is not important. The fewer cards there are in the middle row, the more cards in the pyramids are opened. When all cards from the row and pyramids are used, the player wins.

If there are no combinations, you may take additional cards from the reserve deck, which is located at the bottom. You have just to click the cursor.

Helpful hints

  • Do not waste time. You have 5 minutes to perform the task. In addition, you lose three points for every second of inactivity (whereas you are given 100 points for the correct move);
  • Try to use reserve cards less often, because a large number of them on the playing field leads to confusion.

Be careful, keep watch over the cards and you will be sure to get maximum points in Three Peaks Solitaire!

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