Mystery: Four Seasons

Mystery: Four Seasons You have to know that someone has cursed the citizens of the City of Magic Cards!

The time has stopped there, and therefore the seasons are frozen in this astonishing city! Everything is really strange in the City of Magic Cards.

Each city area is named after the playing cards it represents and it is trapped in a separate season. Play this wonderful game and find keys to unlock the doors and solve the mystery of the city!

Play Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons, try to find hidden objects thus traveling across different seasons and through various surrounding areas.

This game includes various different solitaire card games, a lot of unique puzzles and riddles to solve, and a great deal of mini-games which will test your skills! So don`t be afraid!

Have fun playing this wonderful game! The city and its citizens need your help so much! Only you can save them!

Try to repair the clock in the Magic City and revitalize the city. Perform your magic mission! Enjoy the extraordinary gameplay of this solitaire! It`s time to act! Take it away!

Download Mystery: Four Seasons

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Size: 111.59 Mb




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